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Moving to Australia? Important information for International moving.

Suppose you are thinking about moving to Australia. There are more things to know about life in Australia. Aussie culture is so much more than beer, barbecues, and hot weather. Also, the International move requires a lot of research, planning, preparation to ensure that your goods arrive safely in your unfamiliar country.  Before you can do anything, let iShip it right assist you with logistics moving to Australia.

If you are moving to Australia, iShip it Right will aid you in every step of your overseas relocation.

About Australia

Australia is the smallest continent but the largest country on the earth. Lying between the Pacific and Indian oceans in the southern hemisphere.
Australia’s capital is Canberra, in the southeast between the larger and more important economic and cultural centers of Sydney and Melbourne.

Australia is home to the world’s 13th largest economy and has the 9th highest per capita GDP—higher than the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, United States, France, and Japan. The country handles several incredible inventions, like the plastic disposable syringe and the bionic ear.

Australia Sydney

10 interesting facts about Australia

  • The Australian Alps get more snow than the Swiss Alps.
  • 90% of Australians live on the coast.
  • Australia is the driest of any continent on earth other than Antarctica.
  • Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest eco-system in the world.
  • Australia is the only continent covered by a single country.
  • Australia has over 60 separate wine regions.
  • Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world.
  • Two native Australian animals, Platypus and Echidnas, are the only two mammals in the world that lay eggs to give birth.
  • Indian Pacific train has the longest straight section of train track in the world.

How iShip it Right will help you move to Australia.

We will help you with everything from getting an initial survey about the move, therefore documents needed to flight affordability. Our agents will assist and guide you through your shipping process to make everything smooth.

  • Your schedule: When do you need to be in Australia.
  • Real estate plans: Will you be buying or renting a property?
  • Your household size: Are you moving with your family?

Custom Regulations

  • You will get duty free on imported goods, items, products. Only if you have owned these items for over twelve months.
  • You can clear the custom regulation on your goods, even if you arrive after your goods. But you have to keep all the documents in order.

Documents Required

  • Copy of Passport.
  • Detail Inventory, including values(in English).
  • Custom form B534. Download Here.
  • Visa
  • Authority of Act form.
  • List of contents from the owner only if the owner packed the goods.
  • Receipts for goods not owned and used for at least 12 months.

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Packing Tips and Requirements

Before you make your final decision, it would be best if you took precautions measurement. Traveling to Australia or any other country is difficult, therefore; causing it to the final step, please check these tips to make your move easier:

  1. Moving Day – Confirm your dates of action.
  2. Professional Packing: Hire professional packing teams. Such as iShip it right will do this for you.
  3. Get your documents ready and stamped.
  4. Cost of moving – please keep in mind. That what are the total expenses before making your final decisions?
  5. Make sure your moving company Ensures your move.

Prohibited Items

  • Drugs & Narcotics.
  • Pornographic Content.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • All meat and dairy products.
  • Most animals including wildlife and endangered species.
  • Animal products such as ivory, skins, feathers, bones, shells.
  • Plants, seeds, plant dried flowers, etc.

Restricted Items

  • Firearms, Ammunition, Guns, Explosives.
  • Radio Transmitters.
  • Performance and image-enhancing drugs.
  • Currency ($10,000 Australian dollars or more).
  • Medicines that may be subject to misuse, abuse, or dependence letter.
  • Wildlife products.

Motor Vehicle Rules

  • Purchase invoice.
  • Car title.
  • A certificate that auto meets technical specifications and is in good running order
    • Customer who owns vehicle: Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.
    • Before clearing your vehicle. Use the vehicle for over twelve months.
    • Customers have a driving license and age above 18.
    • The customer complies with road safety requirements.
    • All vehicles intended to be imported, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, etc. must have an individual “Vehicle Import Approval” prior to their arrival in Australia.
    • The importation of motor vehicles into Australia is strictly controlled and there are no duty/GST free concessions available—all motor vehicles will be subject to duty and/or GST calculated on the value of the vehicle.
    • High-value vehicles will have a Luxury Car Tax.
    • The customer must be in Australia at the time of auto clearance to avoid bonded storage charges and demurrage.
    • If you are a left hand driven vehicle, therefore, get a temporary permit from the department of road safety.

Required documents:

  • B357 Form (Statement for Vehicle Imported by a Passenger)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Certificate of Steam Cleaning
  • Current Passport.
  • Import Permit.
  • Original purchase and registration papers.
  • Insurance Policy.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Car condition Report.
  • Authorization from the Federal Office of Road Safety.

Pets Regulations

  • Strict regulations and quarantine apply.
  • Length of quarantine will depend upon the type of animal and country of origin.
  • Proof of inoculation required.
  • Import Permit from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service required therefore bring the permit card with you.
  • Birds not allowed, similarly to animals.

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moving to Denmark

Moving to Denmark! get a complete relocation guide

Planning your move to Denmark

Moving to Denmark can be exciting but become stressful without proper moving guides. 
Suppose you are planning a move to Denmark. Let iShip it Right assist you with every aspect of your relocation. And to ensure it is a seamless and hassle-free journey.
iShip it right will provide you with the best moving or relation guides to Denmark. 
An international move requires thorough research and planning before starting your move. You will need a professional moving company.

Reasons to move to Denmark.

  • Danish people and the Danish lifestyle.
  • The living standards.
  • History of Denmark.
  • Healthcare System.
  • They have one of the oldest and most well-liked monarchies in all of Europe.
  • Incredible Architecture.
  • University education is almost free.
  • In Copenhagen, commuters have a biking superhighway.
  • If you lose your job, the government will continue to pay 90% of your salary for up to TWO YEARS!
  • Public Transportation.
  • Denmark is the first country in Europe that stopped slavery. And also the first country that granted same-sex unions.
Beautiful denmark

How iShip it Right will help you move to Denmark.

Our expert agents will help you with every single step and guide you with relocation to your new country.

  • Your schedule: When do you need to be in Denmark.
  • Real estate plans: Will you be buying or renting a property?
  • Your household size: Are you moving with family?

Custom Regulations

  • You can import all the goods and items duty-free. Items and goods you owned must be 12 months old.
  • At the time of customs clearance. Customers should be in Denmark.
  • Household goods and personal effects must be imported within one year of the customer’s arrival in Denmark.
  • Items are not for sale. If you own an item, you pay duty tax. If you sell the imported item in Denmark, you will be fined.
  • You are going to clear your customs tax on arrival.

Documents Needed

  • Work Permit.
  • Valid Visa.
  • Government Identification Card.
  • Danish Customs Form (G55).
  • Registration with the Danish National Register.
  • Rental contract or lease contract providing proof of residency in Denmark.
  • Original Bill of Lading or Air Waybill.
  • Complete list of inventory and packing list in English. Containing the contents of all boxes included in the shipment.

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Prohibited Restricted Items

  • Explosives, Weapons.
  • Danish Government approves medicines before entry.
  • Narcotics, illegal drugs.
  • Pornographic content/material.
  • Any furs, skins, tusks, horns, or other similar animal products.
  • There is a fine if you import live plants without Danish government approval.

Packing Tips and Requirements

Before your final decision. It would be best if you took precautions measurement. Travelling to Denmark or any other country is not easy. So before making it to the final step, please check these tips to make your move easier:

  1. Moving Day – Confirm your dates of move.
  2. Professional Packing – Hire professional packing teams. Such as iShip it right will do this for you.
  3. Get your documents ready and stamped.
  4. Cost of moving – please keep it in mind. that what are the total expenses before making your final decisions?
  5. Make sure your moving company ensures your move.

Motor Vehicle Rules

  • All the vehicles that will come to Denmark should be duty-free. But they have to pay a registration tax too.
  • All vehicles must be in the owner’s possession for at least six months before importation.
  • Once the vehicle has been cleared through Customs. The customer must register the vehicle within 14 days.
  • All vehicles must pass a technical examination before being allowed to apply for tax registration.
  • The following documents are required when importing a vehicle:
    • Original certificate of title and vehicle registration.
    • Valid driver’s license.
    • Insurance card.

Pet Regulations

  • All the animals come to Denmark; before arrival, you give your animal vaccination; otherwise, they will not enter.
  • Your animal must own a health certificate.
  • A veteran doctor should sign the health certificate.
  • All endangered species and exotic animals are prohibited.

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lifting containers

How to lift a shipping container

Handling and lifting containers can become stressful. We sometimes need a proper method to lift a shipping container. Tools that are used to lift containers can vary.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best tools out there that can be used for lifting the containers.

The high cost of container lifting equipment means they are typically only found in locations with high container throughput. These often act as “freight hubs”. However, handling containers outside of these hubs can be a challenge, and is usually solved by contracting a mobile container handling service, such as a truck crane, side loader, or tilt-bed truck. Fortunately, new container lifting solutions are emerging that make owning your own container handling equipment much more affordable.

Typer of Container lifting tools

  • Container Lifting Jacks
  • Gantry Crane
  • Reach Stacker
  • ForkLift
  • Truck Crane

Container Lifting Jacks

Container lifting jacks are very effective and portable lifting tools. They are portable and cost-effective. Used to lift the containers in locations with lower container volume. There are multiple models in this tool and different models will lift containers weighing 32,000 kg or 70,000 lb.


  • Can lift heavy containers
  • Handles all container types
  • Cost-effective
  • Works in tight spaces
  • Portable, on-site, and between different sites


  • Does not stack containers
  • Does not move containers around on site


Gantry cranes are huge cranes that are used to lift containers from ships. They are situated at the dockside. Gantry Cranes can move up and down a dock, but they are usually fixed to one location. They are very costly and most of the companies look for alternatives because of their prices.

They are used widely on ports. There are smaller, rail-mounted or rubber tire gantry cranes are available.

They are used for lifting, moving, and stacking shipping containers.


  • Gantry Cranes are fast and efficient.
  • They are used where high turn over of containers are used.


  • They are very expensive.
  • Installing and maintenance are very costly.
  • They are limited to one site.

Reach Stacker

A reach stacker is a fast and efficient option for handling containers. Capable of lifting very heavy containers, a reach stacker can move single containers around on-site,. They are also used to transfer the containers between the ground, the stack, rail wagons, and chassis. They depend on the model because some reach stacker models can stack up to 2-3 containers at the same time with different height and size.

Reach stackers are automated and controlled from the driver’s seat without assistance from personnel on the ground. All this functionality comes at a cost though, with prices for new machines starting at around USD 500,000.


  • Reach Stackers are very fast and efficient.
  • They are automated. you often don’t need assistance or a person from the ground.
  • They can stack containers.


  • Just like Gantry cranes, Reach Stackers are also very expensive.
  • They can be used on only one site.


Forklifts are an indispensable piece of equipment you will see in most manufacturing and warehousing operations. Although they are mainly used for moving general materials over short distances, a high capacity forklift can also be used to lift and move empty and lightweight containers if the need arises.


  • Multi-purpose equipment.
  • They are cost-effective.


  • They are limited, can handle only one type of container at a time.
  • They are mobile but at a larger level, they can be only used at one site

Truck Crane

This container lifting equipment is mounted on a truck carrier.
They are not the same as side loaders.
A truck crane will lower containers to anywhere within the arc of a truck crane’s reach. However, this reach is limited by the weight of containers.

A truck crane is really only suitable if you need to lift empty or lightly loaded shipping containers. Typically a truck crane will only handle 20′ containers. The price tag sits at around USD 250,000 for the lifting apparatus, plus the cost of the truck.


  • They are very useful in handling containers in confined spaces.
  • They are mobile and can be used at multiple sites.
  • Truck cranes can lifts and transports more than one container.


  • They are unable to lift heavy containers.
  • They are expensive.
  • Truck Crane cannot handle all types of containers.

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moving overseas home

How to Pack for an International Move within your Budget

Moving overseas is expensive irrespective of the country you choose for the relocation. There are several aspects affecting the cost of an international move that can’t be controlled. However, the cheapest way to move abroad is to make wise decisions at every step by following some money-saving tips.

The process of moving your family and the memories you have collected can be a huge undertaking. From finding the right packing supplies, packing the right way, loading a moving truck, all in order to get your possessions to the right place in one piece, it can be a stressful process. Let us help ease some of that stress with our professional skills, services, and knowledge! No matter where you and your family are moving to, we can get your memories there safe and sound.

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Top Tips to move Overseas Cheaply

  • Draw a plan for your budget

If you are moving overseas, the first thing you must do is, keep your to-do list on the mainstream.
You should write down all the expenses details and then plan your budget accordingly.

Before you approach any moving company, fix your budget so you know how far you can exceed the expenditure. If you don’t have a figure to start with, the overall cost of your international move will most likely surpass your spending capacity. Also, avoid any unnecessary expenses and plan the entire move keeping your budget in mind

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  • Compare your Quotes with other international companies

Before you start moving overseas, you must take down the list of all the international shipping companies.
Takedown least 3-4 companies, compare your budget and plan according to the companies services.
Do not compromise over quality services with just a few amounts of money, sometimes when you compare different companies and quotes, you came across with best suitable, affordable, quality services.

Explore cost-effective shipping methods

In an overseas move, the items are either shipped by air or sea. If making an international move at a low cost is a big concern for you and there is no time constraint involved, choosing sea freight over air freight can help you bring down the cost significantly.

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  • Sell the stuff you don’t need

There are always some items left at the end which are not even considered for your use. So you must keep an eye on those items and before selecting your households or items for moving, make sure you have sold such stuff that is not in use.

  • Choose sea freight over air freight

When you are looking for the cheapest way to move overseas, you should consider two methods, one is air and the other is the sea.

When you’re looking for the cheapest way to move belongings overseas, container ships should be your first port of call. According to the World Bank, ocean freight is usually between 12-16 times cheaper than air freight.

Why is this? Well, there’s currently massive overcapacity in the global sea freight industry, which means supply is outweighing demand and keeping prices low. 

If you’re moving in a serious hurry, air freight might be your only option – but for any sensible international move, sea freight is essential.

  • Keep your documents ready

If this is your first time moving internationally, you’ll need to prepare yourself to move abroad for the first time well in advance. Make sure that you have all of the documents needed for international relocation much in advance. The expediting of last-minute passports, visas, and work permits can tack hefty fees onto your move. You can save money on your international move by avoiding such a situation.

  • Custom Regulations

Before moving you must read the custom regulations. If you are moving overseas, there are always some rules and regulations you must follow before moving.
You must read all the customs regulations of such countries from their websites.

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