Step by step guide to international moving with a c

Step by step guide to international moving with a checklist

Moving across borders and different countries can become stressful if you do not know where to start. A complete checklist or step by step guide for your international moving is a must thing. Read this article to find out everything you need while moving or shipping internationally.

We will discuss step by step moving tips with a complete checklist.

international moving tips

Two or three months before your moving

  • First of all, you must decide what you will do with your current housing. You want to sell it, lease it, or rent it out.
  • Make arrangements for housing in your new state, region, or country.
  • If you are moving for work reasons, make sure when your family drives after.
  • Choose your international moving company and make an international moving arrangement.
  • Apply for Visas, work permits, and other documentation.
  • Perform complete research for the host country.
  • Give notice to your child’s school and request school reports and documentation.
  • Keep in mind the complications of traveling due to Covid-19.
  • Insurance Coverage Tips for Your International Move.

World Travel Advisory Covid-19.
Advice for Travellers by the United Nations.

One month before international moving

  • Notify your post office about the change of your residence address.
  • Change the address on your bank account, credit cards, billing accounts.
  • Verify whether your bank has an international branch in your host country.
  • Transfer any subscription you have, which is limited to your current country.
  • Order any prescriptions you may need to bring with you: contact lenses, medications, etc.
  • Consider sending a smaller shipment of essential items ahead of your move so they will be there before you arrive.

Three to Two weeks before international moving

  • Separate the fewer essential items that will stay behind after your move.
  • Send out change of address notification to your friends and family.
  • Enjoy your time with your friends and family, arrange a big meal plan or event so that you can remember every moment before you leave.
  • Take your pets to be immunized and obtain travel documents for them.
  • Make sure you have no pending bills.
  • Continue making a list of inventories and items.
  • Begin packing your belongings.
  • Move items that will be left behind to the storage facility.
  • Donate the leftover items.

One week before international moving

  • Continue to pack and purchase last-minute items.
  • Make an inventory list of items. The things will move along with you.

Two days before your international move

  • Bring all the necessary documents together.
  • Clean your home.
  • Continue packing last-minute items.
  • Withdraw cash that you will need during your travel. Cash exchange currency if you are moving to a country that had extra money.
  • Pick up and drop off any last-minute things: books to the library, pick up dry cleaning, etc. 

Important Documents

  • Passports
  • Travel documents 
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Child custody papers
  • Adoption papers
  • Drivers licenses
  • Medical records
  • School/university transcripts
  • Pets/animals vaccine certificate.
  • Insurance policies and legal documents: tax records, power of attorney, last will and testament, bank statements.

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Moving to Germany? Takedown these important notes.

Are you excited about a move to Germany? Sometimes it is more stressful than exciting. Because International movement requires plenty of research and thorough planning, you will also need a professional mover’s advice to reach your destined location. If you are planning to move to Germany, Let iShip Right assist you with every aspect of your relocation to assure it is seamless and hassle-free.

Germany HD

About Germany

Germany is associated with courage and a rich history. Germany has an attractiveness that comprises of nature, arts, culture, cuisine.
The Western European nation is full of numerous internationally acclaimed orchestras, theatres, concert halls, museums, and exhibitions. Germany also possesses many beautiful natural attractions, especially in the Alpine region, including lakes, mountains, parks, and waterfalls.

10 Things Germany Famous For:

  1. The Berlin Wall
  2. Oktoberfest
  3. Beer.
  4. Neuschwanstein Castle
  5. Nazi Germany
  6. Cars and the Autobahn.
  7. Football/Soccer.
  8. Albert Einstein.
  9. Palaces & Castles.
  10. Sausages

How iShip it Right will help you move to Germany.

We will help you with everything from getting an initial survey about the move, documents needed, to flight affordability. Our agents will assist and guide you through your shipping process to make everything smooth.

  • Your schedule: When do you need to be in Germany.
  • Real estate plans: Will you be buying or renting a property?
  • Your household size: Are you moving with your family?

Custom Regulations

A person must be present at customs while Custom Clearance. 

  • Used Households are duty-free, if a person has lived more than one year abroad, and owned the items for more than six months.
  • If you are taking residence, then import the goods within one year.
  • Inheritance items: Death Certificate
    “Erbschein” or an official document that certifies the customer has inherited the items from the deceased and states the relationship between them.
  • Wedding Trousseaux: Marriage Certificate
    If household goods are imported before the marriage, proof the marriage will take place within two months is required.

Essential Documents.

  • Passport (Page showing Photo).
  • Visa.
  • Work Permit (if Applicable).
  • Inventory (original) in German or English, valued, dated, and signed by the customer.
  • Show the signed declaration that represents that items are the owner’s personnel items.
  • A signed declaration that no taxable high-value goods (such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, guns, etc.) are in shipment. 
  • German Police signed Certificate.
  • German Customs Form 0350 (Zollantrag) in triplicate, stating goods will not be sold for one year.
  • Health Certificate (May Required).
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate.

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Prohibited/Restricted Items

  • Explosives.
  • Ammunition.
  • Drugs and narcotics.
  • Pornographic material.
  • Certain types of meat.
  • Bringing Absinthe, methyl alcohol, and pure alcohol with you at the airport is restricted.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Bringing Tobacco, tea, coffee, are restricted Items.
  • Bringing Toilet waters, perfumes, are also restricted Items.
  • Alcohol. (Restricted Items).
  • Electronic Items. (Restricted Items).
  • Guns require a Certificate of Registration, the valid passport of the owner, proof of ownership, and a gun license for importation.

Packing Tips and Requirements

Before your final decision, it would be best if you took precautions measurement. Travelling to Germany or any other country is not easy. So before making it to the final step, please check these tips to make your move easier:

  1. Moving Day – Confirm your dates of action.
  2. Professional Packing: Hire professional packing teams. Such as iShip it right will do this for you.
  3. Get your documents ready and stamped.
  4. Cost of moving – please keep in mind. that what are the total expenses before making your final decisions?
  5. Make sure your moving company Insures your move.

Motor Vehicle Rules

  • Disclosed duty-free, If a person lived abroad for more than one year.
  • Use that vehicle for more than a minimum of six months.
  • The authorities will inspect the car before licensing.
  • It is highly recommended that the customer informs the Destination Agent of all auto details before importing.

Documents Required for motor Vehicle.

  • Proof of ownership.
  • Car documents.
  • German driver’s license.
  • Owner’s passport.
  • Owner’s police registration in Germany (polizieliche Anmeldebestatigung).
  • Insurance record from the country of origin.

Pets Regulations

  • Dogs and Cats are allowed with health certification. ( Issued by any veterinary doctor, the certificate should be in English and German translated).
  • A health certificate is valid within ten days before it issued.
  • All endangered species and exotic animals are prohibited.

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