Shipping to the U.K! a complete relocation guide

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More About the U.K

England is in north-west Europe and is in the southern part of Great Britain. It is an island country and also part of the United Kingdom (UK).

England is the largest country in Great Britain and the UK. It is sometimes wrongly used about the whole United Kingdom, the entire island of Great Britain, or the British Isles. That is not only incorrect but can offend people from other parts of the UK.
Nearly 84% of the population of the UK lives in England, mainly in the major cities and metropolitan areas.

London, England
  • Total Population: 55,268,100 (2016)
  • Highest Mountain: Scafell Pike – 978 meters above the sea
  • Land area: 130 395 km²
  • National Day: The 23 April, St George’s day is generally considered to be the national day.
  • Government: Part of a constitutional monarchy
  • Monarch: Elizabeth II
  • Currency: Sterling Pound (GBP)
  • Official language: English.
  • Member of EU: Yes, but a Brexit has been voted in favor (via the United Kingdom).
  • Country Number/Prefix: +44
  • Capital: London.

Most Interesting Facts about England

  • The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages.
  • Leeds is one of Europe’s rainiest cities.
  • You can drive from England to France via an underwater tunnel.
  • An English scientist invented the worldwide web.
  • England won the Fifa World Cup back in 1966.
  • French was the official language of England for about 300 years, from 1066 till 1362.
  • There are more chickens than people in England.
  • Winchester was the first capital of England.
  • Sparkling wine was invented in England.
  • England’s most popular dishes include Spotted Dick, Bangers and Mash, and Toad in the Hole.

How iShip it Right will help you move to the U.K.

We will help you with everything from getting an initial survey about the move. Therefore documents needed to flight affordability. Our agents will assist and guide you through your shipping process to make everything smooth. move to the U.K

  • Your schedule: When do you need to be in the U.K.
  • Real estate plans: Will you be buying or renting a property?
  • Your household size: Are you moving with your family?

Custom Regulations

  • All household goods and personal effects must arrive within 12 months after Customer or up to six months before Customer’s arrival in order to clear Customs.
    • Form 3 and Form 33 are required for customs clearance.
    • You should also include an inventory list.
  • Special regulation or specific information will be asked from the embassy or consulate will apply to these;
    • Students
    • Newly Weds.
    • Visitors.
    • Goods coming from EU.

Documents Required

  • Valid passport
  • Visa (may be required)
  • Work permit (if necessary)
  • Customs Form (Import Declaration)
  • C-3 Form (household goods and personal effects for primary residence). C-33 form for a secondary residence.
  • Detailed Inventory of household goods and personal effects in English.
  • C426 Form (for diplomatic entry).

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Packing Tips and Requirements

Before you make your final decision, it would be best if you took precautions measurement. Traveling to the U.K or any other country is difficult. Therefore, causing it to the final step; please check these tips to make your move easier:

  1. Moving Day – Confirm your dates of action.
  2. Professional Packing: Hire professional packing teams. Such as iShip it right will do this for you.
  3. Get your documents ready and stamped.
  4. Cost of moving – please keep in mind. That what are the total expenses before making your final decisions?
  5. Make sure your moving company Insured your move.

Restricted or Prohibited Items

  • Illegal Drugs.
  • Pornographic Material.
  • Handguns.
  • Horror comics.
  • Narcotics
  • Counterfeit currency.
  • Meat, Poultry, Fish.
  • Items made from Animal remains.
  • Firearms.
  • Ammunition and explosives.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and perfume products.

Motor Vehicle Rules

  • The owner is moving their primary residence to the UK.
  • A customer living outside the European Union (EU) has been abroad for at least 12 months.
  • The vehicle has been owned and used abroad by the Customer for at least six months.
  • It was not purchased duty-free or tax-free.
  • The vehicle is for personal use only and will not be sold within a year of being imported.
  • A Declaration to Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise must specify:
    • Manufacture date, make, model name, serial number, chassis number, and engine number.
    • Cubic engine capacity and the number of cylinders.
    • Whether it is petrol or diesel and left or right-hand drive.
    • Description of the body, the price, and the odometer reading.
    • .Any extra or special features
      • Such as automatic transmission.
    • Any defects in the vehicle that would affect its price.
  • Customer’s presence at Customs Clearance may be required.

Documents Required for Motor Vehicle Shipping

  • Registration Papers.
  • Police Registration.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Original purchase invoice.
  • Logbook.
  • Customs Form C104A.

Pets Regulations

You can come with pets to the U.K. If you want to make your move to the U.K more easy and convenient please read/follow the rules before entering or shipping.

  • You should have a certificate of rabies vaccination.
  • There should be a microchip on the pet.
  • When you are moving the pet make sure you have proof of the tapeworm treatment.
  • Come with the customs form C-5.
  • Animal or pets should be in a quarantine facility for six by the government.
  • There are no restrictions on pet rodents, rabbits, birds, decorative fish, invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles when arriving from EU countries.

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