Are you planning your great British immigration? Perhaps you’re opening up a new office in Dublin. Residential or commercial, whatever the reason behind your move, you’re going to need two things: shipping containers, and someone to ship them.

At iShip It Right, we take the guesswork out of shipping your belongings to the UK. But what goes into a move like this? Why is the work we do so important to you as an international mover?

We’re glad you asked.

shipping containers

What Goes Into Shipping Shipping Containers?

Packaging comes first, but it’s by far the least of your concerns.

You can’t just jam a shipping container full of loosely-packed furniture and expect everything to survive the trip. Items need to be properly wrapped and stacked from heavy, at the lowest, to lightest at the topmost.

Then they need to be loaded onto a crate which, itself, needs to be insured in case of loss or damage. From there, the crate (which often houses dozens of items) is loaded onto a shipping vessel.

This means labour, heavy lifting machinery, and trained professionals, all of whom need to be vetted and trained, so they don’t damage your belongings.

Of course, the entire process has to be repeated, in reverse, on the other side of your container’s trip.

Getting Your Container To UK

An international move can be a stressful time without having to worry about your belongings getting to the other side in one piece.

Discover the benefits of using shipping containers to help with your move to the UK, with services from iShip It Right.