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Prohibited Items In Shipping Containers

You can fit a lot inside a shipping container. From a small box to an entire vehicle the possibilities are nearly endless. At least they would be if there were not certain restrictions on what you can ship in a container. Looking to ship to Scotland, Germany, UK, or any other country?

Luckily there isn’t a long or overbearing list of restricted materials. Some of these items are prohibited because they compromise the safety of the container. Some because they compromise the safety of the destination. A few simply are bound by custom law. When it comes to shipping product or property make sure to check for these items.

Restricted Materials

Batteries: Batteries are generally safe to carry around. They are in our phones, tablets, and macbooks. When put in certain extreme conditions, however, they can rupture. This can cause fires inside the container or release toxic fumes. This endangers the items inside the container, the ship the container is on, and any personal involved in handling the container. Therefore if you are planning on shipping batteries you might want to find an alternative method.

Plants: Beware the evil plants! That is a little dramatic but it is kinda true. Introducing a new plant to an area can have severe consequences. Without it’s natural limitations such as pests or climate the new plant can grow uncontrollably. It can take over the native plants that the animals count on. These animals either have to leave the area or possible die off. Once this plant overpopulates it becomes difficult or impossible to reverse the effects. So take care when bringing a plant overseas with you.

Household Cleaners And Hairspray: It’s hard to imagine Windex being on a ban list for shipping but it’s there. Different household cleaners and hair sprays contain flammable materials that post a fire threat inside shipping containers. they might contain acetone or alcohol, both of which are flammable. Some people even keep hand sanitizer on hand for hand cleaning and fire starting. The acetone in some cleaners can even dissolve certain materials.

Firearms: Firearms are an interesting topic right now. We won’t get into debates but will say many countries have strict laws on importing and exporting firearms. This includes ammunition. Typically shipping must be handled by a registered firearms dealer with few exceptions. For example, an antique firearm at least 100 years old may be shipped without a licensed firearm dealer. Certain parts of a firearm can also be shipped. Both require proper documentation.

Alcohol: Alcohol is a complicated topic to talk about. This is because each country handles it differently. Some might not allow importing and exporting without the proper license. Some might allow you to ship alcohol in a container but with a large tax placed on it. If you are planning on shipping alcohol it is best to speak with iShip It Right before placing it in a container.

Typically anything that doesn’t fall into these categories are safe to ship. At least from a legal standpoint. There are other items that you can ship yet are not recommended. Items such as perishable foods for example. You can ship tomatoes in a container but don’t be surprised if they are rotten by the time they make the journey.

For more information on what can be shipped in a container visit iShip It Right. You can also contact us at +1 (888) 774-7456 to get a quote on shipping costs for your needs. Rather shipping to Scotland, Belize, or anywhere between you can count of iShip.

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