Shipping to Belize

Before Shipping to Belize, Here’s What You Should Know

Before shipping to Belize, Here’s What You Should Know 

Shipping to Belize

When you’re shipping to Belize you want to find a company that has affordable shipping solutions and reliable service. You want to ensure your products get to their destination quick and efficiently. iShip It Right is that company!


Making Sure You’re Prepared


Belize is located in Central American, south of Mexico, more than 2,000 miles from North America. This distance can allow plenty of time for what is referred to an “Act of God” to happen. You want to make sure you do your research and are prepared in the event something like this does occur. It’s important to make sure when you’re shipping to Belize the company you choose has you covered. iShip It Right! Offers you insurance on your shipment should anything happen during on the way to it’s destination.



When shipping your products overseas you will need to go through customs. Sometimes this may take a while and it’s always best to be certain you ship early enough in case of any potential holds. Here at iShip It Right!, we can be sure to help you prepare for anything that may happen so that your good make it to their intended destination on time.


Restrictions DO Apply

One thing to remember when shipping overseas is that different country have different restrictions as to what can and can not be imported into their country. Belize has a list of things that they do not allow you to ship. Make sure when you are preparing your shipment you check to make sure you are not including anything that is on their restricted list. If you do, this could lead to them holding your shipment or sending it back.


Taxes and Currency

In any country it’s the job of the government to regulate shipments being imported or exported into their ports. They will thoroughly inspect all cargo and will hold any items that have been improperly declared.

Belize does not have a “de minimis value” on goods that are imported. This means that all imports are subject to any taxes and duties the local customs office may impose. They may do this no matter the value of the imported goods.

When factoring in any possible additional costs you want to make sure of the exchange rate from USD to the country you are shipping to. Belize has a locked in exchange rate, which means you would not have to worry about it possibly changing day by day when you are making a budget. The Belize dollar is equal to $2 dollars for every $1 USD.


Shipping to Belize the RIGHT way

If you are looking for more information on shipping to Belize(or any other country) contact us at iShip It Right!. With us shipping overseas is made easy. We have the experience and knowledge to sure make everything is handled with care and the least amount of stress possible. Whether you are shipping products for your business or household goods, we will get it done right.

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