Shipping to Belize

Before Shipping to Belize, Here’s What You Should Know

Before shipping to Belize, Here’s What You Should Know 

Shipping to Belize

When you’re shipping to Belize you want to find a company that has affordable shipping solutions and reliable service. You want to ensure your products get to their destination quick and efficiently. iShip It Right is that company!


Making Sure You’re Prepared


Belize is located in Central American, south of Mexico, more than 2,000 miles from North America. This distance can allow plenty of time for what is referred to an “Act of God” to happen. You want to make sure you do your research and are prepared in the event something like this does occur. It’s important to make sure when you’re shipping to Belize the company you choose has you covered. iShip It Right! Offers you insurance on your shipment should anything happen during on the way to it’s destination.



When shipping your products overseas you will need to go through customs. Sometimes this may take a while and it’s always best to be certain you ship early enough in case of any potential holds. Here at iShip It Right!, we can be sure to help you prepare for anything that may happen so that your good make it to their intended destination on time.


Restrictions DO Apply

One thing to remember when shipping overseas is that different country have different restrictions as to what can and can not be imported into their country. Belize has a list of things that they do not allow you to ship. Make sure when you are preparing your shipment you check to make sure you are not including anything that is on their restricted list. If you do, this could lead to them holding your shipment or sending it back.


Taxes and Currency

In any country it’s the job of the government to regulate shipments being imported or exported into their ports. They will thoroughly inspect all cargo and will hold any items that have been improperly declared.

Belize does not have a “de minimis value” on goods that are imported. This means that all imports are subject to any taxes and duties the local customs office may impose. They may do this no matter the value of the imported goods.

When factoring in any possible additional costs you want to make sure of the exchange rate from USD to the country you are shipping to. Belize has a locked in exchange rate, which means you would not have to worry about it possibly changing day by day when you are making a budget. The Belize dollar is equal to $2 dollars for every $1 USD.


Shipping to Belize the RIGHT way

If you are looking for more information on shipping to Belize(or any other country) contact us at iShip It Right!. With us shipping overseas is made easy. We have the experience and knowledge to sure make everything is handled with care and the least amount of stress possible. Whether you are shipping products for your business or household goods, we will get it done right.

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Expanding By Shipping Overseas

As more consumers are discovering they can afford container shipping, it’s up to shipping companies to provide more expansive services.

Some companies are finding success up to a certain limit. They want to push their brand further. How do they get over that next wall though? Rather, how do they get past that next ocean? There are 357 million people living in the united states. That’s about 5% of the global population. There are over 6 billion people not seeing your product. Even if you include all North America it’s still only 8.2% of the global population. There is infinite potential waiting over that wild blue yonder.

Shipping Your Product

To get your product to other countries you will need two things. Reliable production means and reliable shipping means. It’s no good selling overseas if you can’t make enough product for it. You also need to make shipping it affordable. People love free shipping and are okay with inexpensive shipping for their purchases. Even the best products won’t sell if the shipping is too high. I can attest to that. I’ve canceled potential orders because I didn’t want to pay their high shipping costs.

So how do you get around this? Shipping overseas will cost more than shipping within the US. It doesn’t have to be expensive though. When you use iShip It Right, we help find solutions for your shipping needs. For shipping products overseas we would recommend LCL or Less Than Container Load. Less Than Container Load lets you pay only for the space you use in a container. This helps reduce your shipping costs. By partnering with iShip It Right you can assure a steady and stable shipping method.

So break free from the mainland. Send your company and your product to places you never imagined possible. All it takes to get started is a phone call to 1 (888) 774-7456. Rather you need overseas shipping to Ireland, Shipping to London, or Shipping Overseas to any country. iShip It Right has you covered.

Shipping to Poland

Shipping To Poland? We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re sending out containers to Brussels or shipping to Poland, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. But because most of us won’t end up making international shipping our careers, the process can seem a little muddied, or even downright mysterious.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the help of a qualified, experienced shipping company, you can take the stress out of a shipment bound for Poland.

Ready to see how we can help you? Good – we’re dying to show you!

International Shipping: Harder Than It Looks

Different countries approach the question of inbound shipping differently.

Something that’s considered perfectly normal in America may be banned in Cuba. Or a small amount of something in London, considered perfectly normal, maybe more than they allow in Australia.

Whatever the case, here are some potential pitfalls to shipping internationally, and how we help you avoid them:

  • surprise shipping fees:

    one of the most common problems with any international shipment is unexpected shipment fees. Upon arriving at the dock, the container has a substantial shipping fee slapped onto it. You didn’t anticipate this. Nobody did, but an inspection of your container has revealed some restricted items, and now you’re going to have to pay up.

    At iShip It Right, we’ll advise on prices, direct you to the current numbers, and do what we can to make sure you don’t trip over unexpected fees.

  • shipments stuck in customs: 

    of course, having a slightly higher fee on your container isn’t the worst thing that could happen to it. No, that comes when the container is retained or delayed in the customs office for an indeterminate amount of time.

    You were banking on those office supplies for your first project! You needed that furniture for your new home! Whatever the purpose, you had a reason for shipping your things!

    Plan out your move with us, and we’ll ship your container to give yourself a buffer. It’s always better to ship early if you can.

  • breakages: 

    a container full of items of different shapes and sizes can be a delicate space, especially when it’s loaded into a moving ship with dozens of other containers.

    If items do topple over, unseat themselves, fall or otherwise break, this is considered a sort of act of God. At iShip It Right, we offer shipping insurance to help mitigate this problem.

Shipping To Poland? Now You Know What To Look Out For

It pays to know what the potential pitfalls are, wherever you’re shipping out to. At iShip It Right!, we’ve helped to transport dozens of containers, so we know a thing or two about hedging your bets.

Interested in learning more about the world of international shipping? Just looking for a few hot tips before shipping to Poland (or literally anywhere else) later this year? Get in touch with us, and let us put your stuff on a ship today!

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Prohibited Items In Shipping Containers

You can fit a lot inside a shipping container. From a small box to an entire vehicle the possibilities are nearly endless. At least they would be if there were not certain restrictions on what you can ship in a container. Looking to ship to Scotland, Germany, UK, or any other country?

Luckily there isn’t a long or overbearing list of restricted materials. Some of these items are prohibited because they compromise the safety of the container. Some because they compromise the safety of the destination. A few simply are bound by custom law. When it comes to shipping product or property make sure to check for these items.

Restricted Materials

Batteries: Batteries are generally safe to carry around. They are in our phones, tablets, and macbooks. When put in certain extreme conditions, however, they can rupture. This can cause fires inside the container or release toxic fumes. This endangers the items inside the container, the ship the container is on, and any personal involved in handling the container. Therefore if you are planning on shipping batteries you might want to find an alternative method.

Plants: Beware the evil plants! That is a little dramatic but it is kinda true. Introducing a new plant to an area can have severe consequences. Without it’s natural limitations such as pests or climate the new plant can grow uncontrollably. It can take over the native plants that the animals count on. These animals either have to leave the area or possible die off. Once this plant overpopulates it becomes difficult or impossible to reverse the effects. So take care when bringing a plant overseas with you.

Household Cleaners And Hairspray: It’s hard to imagine Windex being on a ban list for shipping but it’s there. Different household cleaners and hair sprays contain flammable materials that post a fire threat inside shipping containers. they might contain acetone or alcohol, both of which are flammable. Some people even keep hand sanitizer on hand for hand cleaning and fire starting. The acetone in some cleaners can even dissolve certain materials.

Firearms: Firearms are an interesting topic right now. We won’t get into debates but will say many countries have strict laws on importing and exporting firearms. This includes ammunition. Typically shipping must be handled by a registered firearms dealer with few exceptions. For example, an antique firearm at least 100 years old may be shipped without a licensed firearm dealer. Certain parts of a firearm can also be shipped. Both require proper documentation.

Alcohol: Alcohol is a complicated topic to talk about. This is because each country handles it differently. Some might not allow importing and exporting without the proper license. Some might allow you to ship alcohol in a container but with a large tax placed on it. If you are planning on shipping alcohol it is best to speak with iShip It Right before placing it in a container.

Typically anything that doesn’t fall into these categories are safe to ship. At least from a legal standpoint. There are other items that you can ship yet are not recommended. Items such as perishable foods for example. You can ship tomatoes in a container but don’t be surprised if they are rotten by the time they make the journey.

For more information on what can be shipped in a container visit iShip It Right. You can also contact us at +1 (888) 774-7456 to get a quote on shipping costs for your needs. Rather shipping to Scotland, Belize, or anywhere between you can count of iShip.

shipping container to Ireland from USA

Getting Your Shipping Container To Ireland From USA

Are you about to make the big move, and take yourself and your shipping container to Ireland from USA? Cultural differences, new food, airline transfers and time zones aside, there’s one very specific concern most people have in this situation.


“How am I going to get all of my stuff from where it is to where it needs to go?”


Because, for a move of this size, you’re probably going to want to bring your old life with you. And that means a container, and that means container shipping, and that can run into complications.

Problems With Your Shipping (You Can Avoid)


Nobody wants to imagine problems with their shipment, but the truth is there are many cracks your shipping container to Ireland from USA could get stuck in. Your best option is to be as prepared as you can, just in case something goes wrong.




Contrary to what you might think, most shipping companies appreciate an open line of communication with their clients. This helps to prevent misunderstandings and indemnify the company in case of a mishap that was out of their hands.


Surprisingly, most issues with the shipping process stem from simple failures to communicate. Stay in touch with your company, ask questions, and take advantage of systems that let you track your shipment, so that you’re never out of the loop.


Costs From Delays


As the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.


The shipping business can be mercurial, and it’s up to you to anticipate changes. If your container needs to arrive on a specific date, and the trip is a certain amount of time, bank on that trip taking a month longer. While it’s our job to make sure your shipment goes off without a hitch, it’s your job to understand that there are a lot of moving parts here, and accidents happen. Send out your shipment earlier, to avoid costly wait times.


Problems With Duties Or Taxes


Cargos come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing you can always rely on is that you’re going to need specific paperwork to get it through customs at the country you’re shipping to.


Do your research, even if that’s just to find out from your shipping company which duties and taxes they’ll be taking care of. The purpose of these taxes are to protect the company you’re moving to’s economy, so the process is important and unavoidable, but you can and should keep yourself informed. There are specific commodities which aren’t allowed, and others which will require special permits in order to facilitate. The more you know, the less chance there’ll be of a nasty surprise when your container arrives.


Good Shipping Means Being Prepared


Modern container shipping is more advanced than it’s ever been, but nothing is ever guaranteed. As much insurance and as good of a shipping company as you might use, it’s always best to understand what might go wrong, and prepare yourself in case it does.


Interested in moving your shipping container to Ireland from USA, or anywhere else? Get in touch with us, today, and let iShip It Right! take care of your move.

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Can I Afford Container Shipping?

The idea might seem daunting at first. You are shipping to Germany and someone suggests container shipping. You think that would be outrageous to consider. You don’t have enough items to even fill half of a 20ft shipping container. Why would you spend the money on shipping with one? It’s not uncommon for someone to think this way. Not everyone studies the shipping business unless they work in it. The answer is to use a special kind of container shipping known as LCL.

What is LCL? It stands for Less Than Container Load. It’s kinda like a timeshare only without the scam part. Many people paying for part of a property or in this case a container. You only need about 15% of the container for your goods? You only pay for 15% of the container. This is a great solution when you have too little or too much for a container. If you are going to need one container you can combine LCL and FCL shipping. FCL is Full Container Load. The name should be pretty self-explanatory. FCL is when you need an entire container for your property or merchandise.

Using one or both of these methods can help you expand your business into new markets. It can help get your furniture across the ocean to your new home. It can even help you send random items to strangers. We won’t limit your imagination, we’ll ship your items.

To learn more about how container shipping to Germany or any other country, contact us at +1 (888) 774-7456. We have years of experience shipping product, property, and more overseas. We make container shipping affordable, accessible, and simple. Let us set you up with a quote so you know exactly how much you will be spending on shipping for your property or product.  


shipping to Belize From USA

What To Look For, When Shipping to Belize From USA

Packing up your home or business and shipping to Belize from USA is no small decision.


There are permits and customs, import laws and things like port congestion to consider. Transporting something on a two-month ship might mean receiving your belongings on the other side four months later. And some of your possessions may still get held up at the customs office.


With a reliable shipping service, you’ll know your shipment is going off without a hitch after it’s left the dock.


But what are some of the potential problems with shipping to this central American region? Join us, as we unpack what you need to look out for when shipping to Belize.


Belize: Get Your Shipping Done Right


There are more than 2,000 miles between North America and the Central American region of Belize. That’s a lot of time for something to go wrong with your shipment. A lot of time if you aren’t prepared, or you haven’t researched your shipping company well, ahead of time.


Port Congestion


This may be a problem with international shipping everywhere, but congestion can still ruin your shipping to Belize if left unchecked.


Estimated shipping times often differ pretty wildly, and a large part of this problem lies with congestion at the ports themselves. This kind of blocking up can be predicted and even worked around to ensure on-time delivery, but you’ve got to be involved enough with the industry to know what to look for.


Unchecked Import Taxes


It’s the government of any country’s job to regulate incoming and outgoing shipments taking place in its ports. They do this by inspecting cargo and withholding improperly declared items.


What does this mean for shipping to Belize from USA?


Belize has no “de minimis value” on imported goods, meaning all imported goods are subject to the taxes and duties of the local customs office, irrespective of their declared values.


Banned Items


Of course, if having your shipment held up in customs is frustrating, having it sent back or destroyed by customs for being banned is completely maddening.


A shipping company worth its salt will have a comprehensive list available of banned items which will not make it into Belize’s shores. This is crucial, and while you could do this research yourself, it really is just good form for your shipping company to have this information ready when you send out your shipment.


Shipping to Belize from USA? iShip It Right


Belize is a delightful destination, with many diverse cultures, a low population density, and some truly beautiful wood scenery. While that’s all great, you should understand your options.


Interested in shipping services to any number of locations around the world? Get in touch with us, today, at iShip It Right!, and get your shipment on its way, the right way!

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Backbone Of The Modern Business World

What is the most important part of the modern business world? Any part of it could argue that it is the most vital to keep it running. Marketing is most important because it gets people to buy products. Customers are most important because they buy the products. One contender that is often quiet in the debate is the shipping industry.

They are quiet because they are busy shipping millions of products every day. Rather or not it is the most important, it is the backbone of the modern industry. You can make all the product you want but it won’t get anywhere without shipping companies. You can have the nicest store in town with nothing in it if the shipping industry takes a break.

One of the most effective forms of shipping is container shipping. Overseas container shipping connects the entire world. It allows products from different countries to reach new markets in bulk amounts.

This is great because some countries excel in different areas. For example, I do photography in my spare time. I can tell you that Japan leads the world when it comes to developing cameras. Looking for a top of the line truck? America makes some of the best. Luxury more your style? Germany is top of the line for luxury vehicles. For a simple delight look at chocolate from Switzerland. For the best whiskey you’ll need some shipping to Ireland and back.

How can I get that camera from Japan living an entire ocean and country away? The same way everyone else in America does. By using oversea container shipping. By using container shipping a limitless amount of product can find its way around the world. Rather it is something as small as an iPhone 10 or as large as a car it can be shipped overseas.

That is why companies like iShip It Right step up to the plate. We are proud to offer commercial overseas shipping to Ireland, Scotland, Belize, and many more countries. If you have a product that needs to reach the world marketing give us a call. We can help set up a quote so you know how much you will be spending on shipping. Together we can turn your domestic business into a global one.

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Shipping To UK: 5 Things To Pack (And 5 To Forget)

Are you moving house and looking into shipping to UK?

Getting ready to immigrate takes a lot of time, and one of the many big decisions you’ll have to make is what to bring, and what to leave behind. Don’t worry – we understand.

Join us today, as we take a closer look at five must-packs, and five ditch-it items for your big move from the US to the UK.

What To Pack

A move can be a stressful time in anyone’s life.

When you’re shipping to UK, there are some items that stand out above others in terms of their importance.

Walking Shoes And Clothes

It’s a cliche for a reason: London is cold, and there’s a lot of walking going on. Whether it’s in the city streets, or out for a hike nearby, you’ll want to have warm, comfortable footwear, and a selection of socks, pants, and jackets to match.

Your Electronics

We live in a digital world. Like it or not, most of us are extremely attached to our phones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops. A simpler way of avoiding leaving one device behind is to ship all of your devices over in the same box.


People have specific needs. When your daily health is a question, it’s important that you keep on top of your medicine. Make sure you’ve brought your prescriptions along for the move. Make sure to pack and send out your medicines ahead of your big day, so that they’re ready when you get there.

Boxes Of Documents

Ultimately, our lives come down to the documents we carry around with us. Passports, birth certificates, marriage documents and insurance policies are important. You’ll want them on hand in case of an emergency. Put these documents inside an insured container and send them off, so that you have them when you need them.

Sentimental Items

Your photograph albums, old report cards, wedding dresses, and old toys are the things in life that carry the most meaning to you. Make space for them in your new UK home, by shipping them over instead of leaving them behind. With a good-sized container, you can bring your memories with you when you move.

What To Leave Behind

Of course, for every box shipping to UK every day, there are three that really don’t need to be there.

Regular Clothes

Insofar as you can afford to lose them, leave your old clothes behind when you move. You’ll have opportunities to buy new clothes that are in style over there, and a smaller wardrobe will mean more motivation to buy the items you need. When given the choice to bring over your old clothes, go with as few as possible.


These are really a no-brainer. Excess shampoo bottles, hand towels, soap dispensers and toiletries are more of a nuisance to transport than anything else. If it’s available in the UK, you may want to just buy it in the UK.

Office Supplies

In a similar way to toiletries, office supplies are sort of pointless to transport. There’s a chance they litter your container, they’re inexpensive, and there’s very little difference in quality, from country to country. If you can afford to replace your office stationary we think you’ll probably want to.


This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised the things people convince themselves are “special cases”. If it has an expiry date and is a food, there’s every chance you’ll find it in the UK without very much effort. Don’t pack it, unless you’re a wholesaler with a refrigerator of some sort.

Books And Magazines

This is another tough one to suggest, as a book collection can be incredibly meaningful to most people. Boxes full of books can weigh a lot, and take up a lot of space. Often the trade-off of a box full of your old textbooks and second copies of War and Peace just isn’t worth the effort. Do a purge of all the books you’re not using, limit yourself to how many you do bring, and move onto the next chapter in your move.

Do Your Shipping To UK The Right Way

If you’re not sure what to bring with during your immigration to the UK, start with one question: “Do I need it?”

“No – do I really need it?”

If you don’t, there’s a good chance you can deal without it.

If you can’t deal without it, you’re in luck: iShip It Right offers world-class shipping services to and from the UK, for all purposes. Get in touch with us, on +1 (888) 774-7456, and get your shipping to UK done right!