Moving to Czech Republic

Move to Czech Republic – A complete relocation guide

Suppose you are looking for a move from the USA to the Czech Republic. iShip it Right will help you relocate with a complete guide.

Reasons to move to the Czech Republic.

  • The Czech Republic is cheap compare to other European countries
  • Lot’s of exciting places to visit
  • Great Expat community
  • Easy to find work
  • Ultimate world of History
  • Rich in Culture diversity
  • Traveling around Europe is cheap and easy.
czech republic
Czech Republic

How iShip it Right will help you move to the Czech Republic

Our expert agents will help you with every single step and guide you with relocation to your new country.

  • Your schedule: When do you need to be in the Czech Republic
  • Real estate plans: Will you be buying or renting a property?
  • Your household size: Are you moving with family?

Custom Regulations

  • A customer must import his/her items or goods within one year of issued a Visa.
  • The customer is getting all the households and entities. They must be duty-free. People who are living outside the Czech Republic for the last year. Items should be six months old and owned by the customer.
  • The customer must not sell any commodities or goods he/she bring with him during his stay in the Czech Republic.
  • If the customer wants to sell goods, he must have a license to do a business.
  • Before arrival, the customer must be accredited and registered with local authorities.

Documents Needed

  • Passport or Original copy of Government issued identity.
  • Work or Residence Visa.
  • A contract that will say that customers will stay in the country for two years.
  • A company letterhead, if the customer wants to work in the country.
  • A customer coming to the Czech Republic. He/she complete the inventory list. And it must be signed and dated during shipment.
  • You will need an authorization letter, which can be signed by the customs agent—an authorization letter with a Czech Republic bank stamp.
  • Bank guarantee for at least 50% of the total value of the shipment. Which will be returned once all required documents have received a stamp of approval from the customs office at the point of entry.

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Prohibited Restricted Items

  • Weapons.
  • Explosives.
  • Illegal Drugs.
  • Alcohol may only be imported duty-free in the following amounts: Wine: 2 liters per person.
    Liquor: 1 liter per person.
  • Tobacco may only be imported duty-free in the following quantities 200 cigarettes.
    250 grams of loose tobacco.
  • The Czech Republic will require a FITO certificate to import all the plants.

Packing Tips and Requirements

If you are planning to move to the Czech Republic, you must keep these things in mind before making your final move.

  1. Moving Day – Confirm your dates of move.
  2. Professional Packing – Hire professional packing teams, such as iShip it right will do this for you.
  3. Get your documents ready and stamped.
  4. Cost of moving – please keep it in mind that what are the total expenses before making your final decisions.
  5. Make sure your moving company insures your move.

Motor Vehicle Rules

  • Vehicles that are older than five years are prohibited.
  • Cars must be at least six months old.
  • Cars that are carrying by customers or they have imported them. They should be duty-free.
  • keep these documents with you:
  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Original owner’s manual
  • Valid driver license
  • Original certificate of the Vehicle.
  • Power of Attorney granting permission to Destination Agent to clear the vehicle through Customs.
  • Original commercial or purchase invoice providing proof of the date and location of vehicle’s purchase

Pets & Animals Regulations

Customers who are traveling with pets must note down this information.

  1. They must have a veterinary certificate signed by a veterinary doctor. that contains
    1. A customer who is owning an animal must have a country name.
    2. owner person name who is responsible for the animal
    3. animal health description
    4. Identification of the animal/pet
    5. Rabies vaccination

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