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Shipping To UK: 5 Things To Pack (And 5 To Forget)

Are you moving house and looking into shipping to UK?

Getting ready to immigrate takes a lot of time, and one of the many big decisions you’ll have to make is what to bring, and what to leave behind. Don’t worry – we understand.

Join us today, as we take a closer look at five must-packs, and five ditch-it items for your big move from the US to the UK.

What To Pack

A move can be a stressful time in anyone’s life.

When you’re shipping to UK, there are some items that stand out above others in terms of their importance.

Walking Shoes And Clothes

It’s a cliche for a reason: London is cold, and there’s a lot of walking going on. Whether it’s in the city streets, or out for a hike nearby, you’ll want to have warm, comfortable footwear, and a selection of socks, pants, and jackets to match.

Your Electronics

We live in a digital world. Like it or not, most of us are extremely attached to our phones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops. A simpler way of avoiding leaving one device behind is to ship all of your devices over in the same box.


People have specific needs. When your daily health is a question, it’s important that you keep on top of your medicine. Make sure you’ve brought your prescriptions along for the move. Make sure to pack and send out your medicines ahead of your big day, so that they’re ready when you get there.

Boxes Of Documents

Ultimately, our lives come down to the documents we carry around with us. Passports, birth certificates, marriage documents and insurance policies are important. You’ll want them on hand in case of an emergency. Put these documents inside an insured container and send them off, so that you have them when you need them.

Sentimental Items

Your photograph albums, old report cards, wedding dresses, and old toys are the things in life that carry the most meaning to you. Make space for them in your new UK home, by shipping them over instead of leaving them behind. With a good-sized container, you can bring your memories with you when you move.

What To Leave Behind

Of course, for every box shipping to UK every day, there are three that really don’t need to be there.

Regular Clothes

Insofar as you can afford to lose them, leave your old clothes behind when you move. You’ll have opportunities to buy new clothes that are in style over there, and a smaller wardrobe will mean more motivation to buy the items you need. When given the choice to bring over your old clothes, go with as few as possible.


These are really a no-brainer. Excess shampoo bottles, hand towels, soap dispensers and toiletries are more of a nuisance to transport than anything else. If it’s available in the UK, you may want to just buy it in the UK.

Office Supplies

In a similar way to toiletries, office supplies are sort of pointless to transport. There’s a chance they litter your container, they’re inexpensive, and there’s very little difference in quality, from country to country. If you can afford to replace your office stationary we think you’ll probably want to.


This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised the things people convince themselves are “special cases”. If it has an expiry date and is a food, there’s every chance you’ll find it in the UK without very much effort. Don’t pack it, unless you’re a wholesaler with a refrigerator of some sort.

Books And Magazines

This is another tough one to suggest, as a book collection can be incredibly meaningful to most people. Boxes full of books can weigh a lot, and take up a lot of space. Often the trade-off of a box full of your old textbooks and second copies of War and Peace just isn’t worth the effort. Do a purge of all the books you’re not using, limit yourself to how many you do bring, and move onto the next chapter in your move.

Do Your Shipping To UK The Right Way

If you’re not sure what to bring with during your immigration to the UK, start with one question: “Do I need it?”

“No – do I really need it?”

If you don’t, there’s a good chance you can deal without it.

If you can’t deal without it, you’re in luck: iShip It Right offers world-class shipping services to and from the UK, for all purposes. Get in touch with us, on +1 (888) 774-7456, and get your shipping to UK done right!

shipping to london

Shipping To London

Many of us dream of living abroad. Of packing up all we know and heading overseas. While we love the place we call home we can’t resist the call of adventure, exploration, as well as tea and crumpets.

London has always been a cultural icon. Some know it for The Beatles crossing Abbey Road or the Sex Pistols defining the punk rock movement. Others for The Doctor fighting off Daleks. A select few remember an American Werewolf roaming the streets. That is nothing to say about the art, culture, and history London itself holds. Did we mention there is a Queen who lives there? So let’s pack up and get moving to London.

shipping to london

Wait, what do you mean you don’t know what to do with your stuff? Okay fine, let’s talk about container shipping to London first then hop on the plane.

There are a few reasons why you would want to bring your things with you. We don’t mean your clothes and important documents. You can take those on the plane with you. We mean that antique dresser your grandmother gave you. We mean that comfortable bed you’ve formed to your body. We mean that impressive Doctor Who collection. The one with comic books, Blu-Rays, and action figures you spent years building.

When you move to a new place you have a few duties to take care of. More so when that new place is a new country. You need to find a place to live and fill it with furniture. You are in a new place that you haven’t learned to navigate yet. Do you want to spend time trying to run around finding a new bed or keep the one you have already? Ship it over, set it up, and go find a local pub instead.

How do you ship to London? Shipping to London is easier and more affordable than you might imagine. It’s even easy to ship a vehicle to London. Before you do remember they drive on the opposite side of the road there. The best method for shipping large quantities of items is with container shipping. You might be thinking that container shipping is for products and merchandise. We say it’s a 20 ft metal box, it can be used for whatever we want to use it for.

What if you have a few large things to ship that won’t fill an entire container? Container shipping contains a method called LCL or Less Than Container Load. Meaning you can ship your items in a container with other people’s items. The great part is you only pay for space you take up. It helps make shipping to London both easy and affordable.

Ready to start that adventure or just want to learn more? Contact iShip It Right today at +1 (888) 774-7456.

House hold goods moving

How to ship household goods​

When shipping your belongings across the country, what’s most important — finding a household goods mover who will keep your belongings secure, having your goods delivered quickly, or keeping rates low? With iShip it Right, you don’t have to choose. Our moving service saves both time and money whether  shipping an entire home or just a few pieces of furniture and boxes. Explore the options and compare costs to see how iShip it Right keeps shipping rates low.

Options for shipping household goods​

iShip it Right has flexibility for moves both big and small. And our different options allow you to customize the move depending on your needs. Our three delivery options are:

  • Door-to-door shipping. A trailer or iShip it Right services is delivered to your home. You then have up to three business days to load items before the equipment is picked up for delivery. You’ll have three business days to unload, too.
  • Terminal-to-terminal delivery. Ideal for small moves or people who are looking for the lowest rates possible. Loading and unloading at a local service center is a great way to save on pickup and delivery costs
  • Hybrid move (terminal-to-door or door-to-terminal). Going to a service center on one end of the move and having equipment delivered to your home on the other end. It’s another option to help save money and build a customized move.


iShip It Right cost

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Shipping Container?

So you’ve purchased your shipping containers and you need to get them transported to your plot of land so you can start converting them into your new home.

In some situations getting your containers delivered can be very expensive, however if you’ve purchasing your containers locally you can save on the delivery cost.

When arranging the delivery of your containers you need to consider many things, such as: insurance, site access and which company to use. It can seem like an unnerving task but if you follow the steps in this article you will be getting your shipping container delivered in no time.

Today we’re going to look at exactly how much it costs to transport a shipping container and the key things you need to consider when arranging your delivery.

The figures mentioned above are very accurate estimates, but the only way to get an exact quote is to find and get in touch with a freight company.

How do we find a freight company?

Whenever possible I always recommend buying the containers and arranging their delivery from a single supplier- it’s much easier to manage a single company.

If this isn’t possible and you are transporting shipping containers from a local port, a good place to find a freight company is iShip it Right.

iShip It Right  is “an online marketplace for shipping services” where you can create a job advert and then people tender for your work.